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Restorative. . anti-age.

Professional personalized treatment in single-dose phases combined with the benefits of the algae peel-off rgnerin mask 2055.


Modelling mask with moisturizing properties from seaweed, enriched with linseed and aloe vera.

Linseed provides oil and mucilages with emollient and softening effects. Aloe vera leaves contribute moisture, enzymes, vitamins and oligo elements, and therefore have a tonifying action in cosmetics.

Both the linseed and aloe vera contained in this mask are organically produced by biodynamic agriculture. The carbohydrates of these seaweed are able to solidify and form a plastic film that produces a certain pressure on the application area.



A harmless alternative to botulinum toxin.

A powerful cell re-generator.

Intensive wrinkle-filling from within.

Improvement of the micro-contour of the skin.



After a 28-day treatment period with RGNERIN the wrinkles and expression lines are softened.

A regenerated and younger-looking skin smooth and without imperfections.

Unisex formula, for a renewal effect on mature skin types.

Main active ingredients:

Linseed extract: emollient.

Aloe vera extract: restorative.

Seaweed extract: moisturizing.

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